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CFISW offers a variety of transformative courses in personal development and the healing arts. Courses are offered in an online format, during retreats, and in classroom settings.

Receive one-on-one Integrative Life Coaching -

a unique blend of transformational life coaching, soul work, spiritual counseling, and energy psychology, with our founder, Ullas.  

CFISW offers integrative retreats in beautiful locations around the world, including yoga, kirtan, transformational life coaching, healing arts and depth soul work.

Discover Your Authentic Self

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"I highly recommend Ullas if you are looking to take some big and meaningful steps forward in your personal growth." - KM / Public Relations Manager


"Ullas has a profoundly compassionate nature and a strong presence, which along with a capacity to listen deeply, enables the client to discover from within themselves their own greatest gifts. "

- Jonathan Crews / Meditation Teacher & Coach

"I would highly recommend Integrative Soul Coaching with Ullas, if you want to come deeply into your truth and let go of what no longer serves you."  - Mary Arose / Sacred Hand Productions

"Ullas is a highly proficient life coach and teacher. He is deeply committed to providing exceptional levels of service, guidance, and assistance.  He will light up your world!" - Ann Harvey / Retired

"Ullas is one of the most dedicated people I know and an articulate, professional, and responsive leader."
- Faith Pomerory-Ward / Marketing & Communications Professional


"This coaching is for those who truly wish to heal and let go of the past, who are not afraid of change, who are ready to step into the power of their authentic self, and who are ready to embody deep commitment, radical self-love and belief in their potential.  You will be at times challenged, pushed beyond your comfort zone, and revealed -  all in service to your inner growth, expansion of confidence, success and fulfillment. You will awaken to your true purpose for being alive." - Ullas

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