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Integrative Soul Coaching / Founder - Ullas Matthew Fowler


Visionary and founder, Ullas Matthew Fowler, has been an innovator in the world of transformational life coaching and a leader in psycho-spiritual health and wellness.   At the forefront of new thought and methodology , Ullas is unique in his approach to healing and transformation, and fuses his life-long love of spiritual practice and learning with his interest in championing the whole person: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


A graduate of Fred Jealous' remarkable Breakthrough workshop for all men, Ullas also holds an M.A. from the University of Santa Monica's graduate program in Spiritual Psychology.  He has been coaching individuals for the past 7 years, utilizing cutting edge approaches to transformational life coaching, energy psychology, soul work and spiritual counseling.


Ullas is also an accomplished musician and a singer of sacred music.  He has been a leader of kirtan, bhajan and interfaith music for the past 16 years.   Ullas' love of music and the arts flows seemlessly into his work with people, and into his unfolding vision for the transformation and evolution of humanity.



"Ullas has a special and unique way of bringing forward a view or perspective of life that no one else really sees, a vision of life that has melodic sweetness and connection and interplay.   Ullas holds the voice of what lifts us, into remembering that we are all connected, that we are essentially all one." 

 - Theresa Stolaroff, 

    Retreat Leader, Center For World Networking

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