Join us in this 16 week course as we uncover your greatest gifts and strengths as a man.  Together we will look at what it means to be a man in today's world, and peel away the layers of the social and psychological conditionings we faced while growing up as a man in western culture.  In the process, we will encounter our subconscious, our inner child, and our adult self, and learn how to integrate and balance these three aspects with our soul. We will learn to embody and champion our full inherent masculinity, and discover how we can restore balance and peace in the world.

Men's Transformational Workshop


Transformational Workshop

Yoga of the 5 Sheaths

Yoga of the Five Sheaths

The great Indian sage Adi Shankaracharya wrote that a human being is comprised of five sheaths, including seven subtle energetic bodies.  We will systematically explore the way of yoga for each sheath: The Annamaya Kosha: The Physical Body; The Pranamaya Kosha: The Vital and Etheric Bodies; The Manomaya Kosha: The Emotional and Mental Bodies; The Vijnanamaya Kosha:  The Causal Body; and the Anandamaya Kosha: The Cosmic Bliss Body.  When these five sheaths are awakened and harmonized, a translucent window opens into the realization of the timeless Atman, which lies beyond all five sheaths, as the ever present reality and witness, which shines through all.   

Spiritual Psychology

& Soul Work


Sacred Relationships

Learn the art of Soul-Centered communication, how to relate and respond to the world through the ever-loving, authentic self, with soul-centered eyes, and how to resolve any issue within the human consciousness.  We will then look at basic techniques of how to harmonize and energize each of the subtle bodies, and how to maintain a "peak state" as we create our reality and move through the world.

Spiritual Psychology

& Soul Work


Discover the secret arts of maintaining a fluid state of balance, gratitude, openness, heart centered communication, and a deepening sense of wonder, as you learn to love and respect your partner as an embodiment of the Divine, as sacred mirrors of one another.  We will explore the divine feminine principle and divine masculine principle.  We will learn how to recognize, develop, incorporate and balance both principles within each partner, creating peace in the relationship, and a slice of heaven on earth.  We will create a new and lasting blueprint for healthy partnerships.

Sacred Relationships


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