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"University of Santa Monica" - The Worldwide Center for Spiritual Psychology:


"The Diamond Approach" - The Ridhwan School of A.H. Almaas


"The Work of Byron Katie" - Who would you be without your story?:



"Breakthrough for Men" - Men's Transformational Community:


"The Mankind Project" - Changing the World One Man at a Time:


"The New Masculine Paradigm" - Men's Coaching with Zat Baraka:



"Vortex Healing" - Divine Consciousness Energy Transformation:


"Theta Healing" - Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Well-Being:


"Matrix Energetics" - The Science and Art of Transformation:


"Access Consciousness" - Empowering People to Know:



"Amma" - World Renowned Humanitarian and Spiritual Leader:


"Adyashanti" - Spiritual Teachings on Non-Duality:


"Mooji" - Spiritual teachings on Non-Duality:


"Gangaji" - Spiritual teachings on Non-Duality:



"Ayurvedic Institute" - Dr. Lad's School of Ayurveda in Albuquerque, NM:


"Southwest Ayurveda" - Ayurvedic Readings by Kashyapa Fisher:



"Sacred Hand Productions" - Transformational Media Production:


"Shawn Reeder Visual Artist" - Photography, Film, Visual Arts:



"Embracing the World" - Amma's Charitable Organization:


Soul Work


Energy Psychology

Men's Work

Spiritual Work & Teachings



Sacred Photography & Videography 

Integrative Health & Wellness

Charitable Work

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