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I work one-on-one with my clients for the actualization of their potential and the reclaiming of their deepest gifts.  Focusing on the inherent value of each individual, I work to gently expand their core belief in themselves, open their hearts and bring to light greater levels of confidence, joy and self-awareness.  From a place of expanded awareness, energized and clear, we create a committed, step-by-step plan to achieve greater levels of success and fulfillment in your life. Myself, a committed listener, assisting, revealing and opening the way.  Your life, our work.

      Together we begin the process of Integrative Life Coaching:  a unique blend of transformational life coaching, depth soul work, spiritual counseling, and energy psychology.  The result: my clients gain a greater sense of who they truly are, and become impassioned about life, embodied in their own unique transformative essence.  Clients find a new, lasting sense of purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives.  Together, we move toward the fulfillment of your soul's calling, your unique destiny.


 Energy Healing
 Life Coaching 



Ullas Matthew Fowler

Integrative Life Coach

Consultations are available in single sessions, or in three, six and twelve month coaching packages.

An initial, complementary half-hour session is provided to explore the possibilities of our work together.  


 Spiritual Counseling 

RESULTS acheived through committment:


  • Greater faith in yourself, self-love and mental clarity.

  • A reinvigorated attitude toward life and commitment to your dreams.

  • Peace of mind, balance, inner harmony and emotional well being.

  • A refinement of personal values; what is truly important in life.

  • Release of old pain, fear, sorrow, anger, guilt, shame and regret.

  • Energetic transmission, healing and upliftment.

  • An interconnected and integrated sense of self; oneness of being.

  • Expansion of spiritual awareness.

  • Confidence in the ability to rise above every challenging situation.


What is Integrative Life Coaching?




"Integrative Life Coaching is a unique blend of transformational life coaching, soul work, spiritual counseling and energy psychology."  


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