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Center for Integrative Soul Work 





CFISW is an emerging new healing center with a revolutionary model for integrative growth.  CFISW is currently operating as an online forum for people of all backgrounds to find powerful tools for transformation and resources for the integration of body, mind, and spirit.   CFISW has, at its heart, an aim to promote committed excellence in the pursuit of integrative health, self-knowledge, self-actualization and self-realization.  With a faculty of highly trained healers, visionaries, and teachers, CFISW will offer the following classes, retreats and services on an ongoing basis: 


Online Classes:


  • Applied Vedanta & Self-Knowledge

  • Energy Psychology & Subtle Anatomy

  • Men's & Women's Transformational Workshops

  • Spiritual Psychology & Soul Work

  • Yoga of the Five Sheaths



Private Consultations:


In addition to offering classes, CFISW faculty members also offer one-on-one transformational services to individual clients in the following modalities:


  • Integrative Life Coaching

  • Advanced Chakra Healing & Vedic Astrology





The faculty of CFISW will join together annually to offer a series of integrative retreats in beautiful locations throughout the world. These retreats will provide an immersive experience into several transformative healing modalities spanning the course of a five to seven day retreat.  Each retreat will be carefully planned and designed to bring about total transformation in the lives of each participant.  In addition to the specific course material related to each retreat, the retreats will also include the following:


  • Ayurvedic Cuisine & Health Consultations

  • Exploratory Group-Led Hikes & Adventures

  • Evening Kirtans and Musical Performances

  • Group Vortex Healing

  • Integrative Life Coaching- Individual Sessions

  • Private Massage & Bodywork

  • Time for Rest & Relaxation



 Read more about our vision for the future of CFISW here:


Our Vision for the Future of CFISW....

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