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Ullas is deeply committed to providing exceptional levels of service, guidance, and assistance.

He will light up your world! - Ann Harvey


"Ullas is an amazing, talented and gifted spiritual coach and counselor. While working with Ullas, I was able to access, explore and heal deep wounds from childhood that were affecting my personal and professional life. With Ullas' expert guidance and gentle and loving way of being, what once seemed impossible, scary and out of reach, became doable and attainable, and extremely healing. I highly recommend Ullas if you are looking to take some big and meaningful steps forward in your personal growth."

- KM, Public Relations Manager

"Ullas has a profoundly compassionate nature and a strong presence, which along with a capacity to listen deeply, enables the client to discover from within themselves their own greatest gifts. "

 - Jonathan Crews,

Meditation Teacher & Coach


"In my Soul Coaching sessions with Ullas I have been able to express truth and let go of blockages that had been buried deep within me for years.  Ullas has a such a caring and aware presence - he creates a non judgmental environment to be seen and accepted for exactly who you are.  This opens the door to healing and big shifts in awareness.  I would highly recommend Integrative Soul Coaching with Ullas if you want to come more deeply into your truth and let go of what no longer serves you. "

- Mary Arose

Sacred Hand Productions

"Ullas is deeply compassionate and loving.  I have seen how this has positively impacted many people he's been in contact with, including myself.  His life experience combined with his empathy, compassion, and ability to hold a loving space for people contributes greatly to his work as a Spiritual Counselor. "


- Leslie Huber

Holistic Wellness Coach & Writer/Editor

"I met Ullas in 2013 and since that time have enjoyed working with him on several projects.  Ullas is one of the most dedicated people I know and an articulate, professional, and responsive leader.  Ullas is one of those rare people who can take a complex problem and break it down into solvable parts.  It has been my pleasure to work with Ullas, and I hope to have many more opportunities to do so in the future."


- Faith Pomerory-Ward

Marketing & Communications Professional

"Ullas has a special and unique way of bringing forward a view or perspective of life that no one else really sees, a vision of life that has melodic sweetness and connection and interplay.  He offers a way to be present with the truth and the creativity and the vision that you hold within yourself.  Ullas holds the voice of what lifts us, into remembering that we are all connected, that we are essentially all one.  He comes to share the link of union.  To hold the space of higher perspective.  To give the gift of his own creativity.  And express it in those ways so that others, who are amidst the craziness of life, can find something true to hold onto." 

 - Theresa Stolaroff, 

    Retreat Leader, Center For World Networking

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